• It turns out everything beyond EGA is a waste.


  • TIL Kevin Nealon posed for the vizier in the original Prince of Persia box art!


    The game is still amazing, by the way. If you haven’t played in a while, or gasp ever?! OMG get it!

  • I’m writing regularly again after a few years’ break, and the thing that excites me the most is having a reason to use Ulysses again. Such a great program! And with almost a decade of updates and features under its belt, it’s still great!

  • 🎮 Chained Echoes (2022) - ★★★★★

    Chained Echoes poster

    Okay, I already posted about this, but wanted an excuse to give Lantern a shot.

  • I really wasn’t expecting “Chained Echoes” to deliver any sort of ending greater than “You defeated Big Bad.” But boy did it! Just a wonderful game, top-to-bottom. ★★★★★

  • Feels like every search I make to answer a question (rather than find a thing) leads me to 2 screens worth of algorithmically generated pages formulated to convince Google they’re authoritative without actually answering anything.

    “Commodify content,” they said. “Devalue the very thing we vend!”

  • What if the US didn’t get cheated by China? What if the US was a HUGE winner in global trade and your company was made tremendously wealthy in the process — and your boss kept all the profits?

  • Overclocked has released an album of Chrono Cross remixes! The game was good. The soundtrack, groundbreaking. Can’t wait to dig in: chronopolis.ocremix.org

  • So I’m the only person that uses Xcode full-screen, right? Because I refuse to believe anyone could remain silent in the face of this bizarre “big red button closes just the current tab” behavior, and I’m not hearing anything.

  • Maybe it’s me, but it’s really feeling like we’re three weeks away from an ARM Macintosh.

  • Keep in mind he knows as much about North Korea as he does about horses.

  • I’m guessing “It’s not his report, it’s my report” will fly exactly as far as Barr can throw it.

  • Me: The president is acting skeevy.

    Barr: This report says he isn’t.

    Me: No, the report says he didn’t have reason to. He’s still acting skeevy AF.

  • There was an unusual amount of clarity and direction in that stump speech.

  • LOL:

  • Solid design on display over at Pete for America: design.peteforamerica.com

  • A Jaykawks kind of day. itunes.apple.com/us/album/…

  • So incredibly satisfying! twitter.com/Mothershi…

  • I keep reading item (3) of § 9-27.220 over and over. The attorney for the government should commence federal prosecution unless “there exists an adequate non-criminal alternative to prosecution.”

  • Feel like I’ve really hit on something here…

  • My gloss on the AG’s gloss on the SC report: If he did the collusion, he’d have done some obstruction. But because he didn’t do the collusion he’s just… shady?

    It’s basically the worst of all possible worlds. It’s an open invitation for America to tear itself apart.


  • It’s weird to hold an Apple event on a Monday. Especially a media-related Apple event.

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